McDonalds Uses Permeable Pavers in Chicago

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The Golden Arches Go Green: McDonald’s First LEED® Certified Restaurant
A Big Mac, fries and a coke isn’t necessarily what most of us think about when we’re looking to find ways to lower our carbon footprint. But McDonald’s is looking for ways to change that.
In August, the fast food chain opened its first targeted LEED®-certified
restaurant in Chicago. The new fast food eatery is located at 4158 S. Ashland
Avenue, just outside the Stockyards Industrial
The site design includes Unilock permeable
pavers on the parking lot, which allow maximum water drainage while
maintaining a surface strong enough to support the traffic of a 24-hour
restaurant. The use of permeable pavers will also reduce the cost of the onsite
drainage system, clean surface stormwater and minimize stormwater runoff.
Wow, even McDonlads is going green. Maybe the arches will become green. Take note that this McDonals incorporates Permeable Pavers to prevent stormwater runoff.
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Permeable Pavers Protect Water Quality

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An article about how Permeable Pavers  protect water quality.
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when stormwater is allowed to infiltrate back into the ground, it is cleaned and
treated naturally by percolating through the soil. Both permeable pavers, which are hard surface units typically
made of concrete, and pervious concrete, which is a special mix of concrete with
open pores that allows water to readily flow through it, will allow stormwater
even from a heavy downpour to travel into the ground where it will be cleaned as
it recharges the water table.
Permeable Pavers Protect Water Quality
Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox, is also
now home to the largest installation of permeable pavers in the country.
In addition to being better for the environment, the permeable pavers also saved money for the owner.
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Stormwater Testing with Permeable Pavers

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This is an article about testing on Permeable Pavers.
clipped from www.lid-stormwater.net
Permeable Pavers
Some current studies on the effectiveness of permeable pavers for reducing Total
Suspended Solid (TSS),  nutrient, metal and thermal loadings are being
conducted in Florida, Toronto, and Washington State.
The parking lot of the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, which serves 700,000 visitors
annually, has been innovatively designed as a research and demonstration project
for the use of permeable pavers as part of a treatment
train approach, comparing three paving surfaces in conjunction with swales.
Studies at the University of Guelph in Canada have also observed greater
pollutant loads from asphalt surfaces than from concrete or permeable
There, a research team led by Professor William James has been performing field
and laboratory tests since 1993 on the influence of permeable
on runoff pollutant levels and thermal characteristics.
In addition, during a lab simulation, the permeable pavers were found to reduce
surface runoff temperatures
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Interlocking Permeable Pavers Offer Natural, Sustainable Drainage

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Another great example of how Permeable Pavers were the solution.
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Interlocking Permeable Pavers Offer Natural, Sustainable Drainage
A starting point for future riverfront redevelopment in the city of Neenah, WI, a walkway of interlocking, permeable concrete pavers is providing a test area for permeable paving applications and helping to promote the city’s commitment to green construction and environmental responsibility.
County Materials’ representatives note that H2O Pro Pavers offer the benefits of a locally manufactured concrete product as well as the distinct advantages of a permeable pavement system. Permeable H2O Pro Pavers allow rain to rapidly infiltrate through the full perimeter joints of each paver to eliminate standing water. The water drains into specially designed sub-base materials, where it is naturally filtrated before recharging the groundwater.
We would definitely use permeable pavers again,” said Doucette, and added that,
“permeable pavers work very well
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