Could This Paving Stone Save Your Life? : Eco Child’s Play

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How Paving Stones Can Help

If a total driveway re-do is in your household budget, you can ditch the whole idea of sealant.  A permeable driveway be made of eco-friendlier paving stones, concrete pavers, gravel, grass, and many other materials.

Aside from reducing potentially toxic substances on your personal property, paving stones and other permeable driveways help filter and cleanse stormwater. That’s healthier for your local waterways, and it can also help prevent local flooding.

Permeable driveways can permit plant growth, which helps cool your property in hot weather.  You can also construct your permeable driveway with light-colored gravel or pavers that absorb less heat in the summer.

Maintaining a Permeable Driveway

There are a couple of things to keep in mind once your permeable driveway is installed.  To keep detergents from leaching into the soil (and from there into your local waterways), avoid washing your car in the driveway.  Commercial car washes generally treat their wastewater, and they recycle their water.

If weeds become a problem, check with your local garden shop on eco-safe ways to keep them at bay.  A dose of boiling water can sometimes do the trick.

Could This Paving Stone Save Your Life? : Eco Child’s Play.


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